Psychedelic Integration Therapist ((Virtual & Online))

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Psychedelics are powerful substances that can lead to invaluable insights of self-discovery and states of self-transcendence. They can open up the windows of perception to our old dysfunctional patterns of behavior and show us a vision for a new way of engaging with our lives. They can help us become better people and, in doing so, lead to a better world. However, before consuming such compounds, it is essential that we approach them with reverence, trust, commitment, and preparedness. It is also important to understand that substantial change requires substantial effort. Psychedelics alone will only carry us so far down the road.

In preparation sessions, we will work together to reduce potential harms and increase benefits. I can assist you in making choices of appropriate psychoactive medicines to match your needs, guide you towards safe and supportive retreat centers, and advise you of important contraindications to resolve prior to embarking on a entheogenic experience. Together, we will devise an individualized plan to prepare your mind, body, and spirit to maximize and expedite the process of transformation with a dietary regimen, lifestyle changes, somatic techniques, mindfulness practices, and biohacking methods. We will work to activate a deeper awareness of the traumas, personal narratives, false identifications, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and we will collaborate on the careful crafting of intentions to remedy these issues.

In integration sessions, we will work together to evaluate interpretations from your journeys, draw meaningful connections, and conduct a thorough analysis of your experiences. We will explore how aspects of the past were uncovered and how that impacts your present. We will create a set of goals and regularly measure their progress. A specific plan of action steps will be formulated to support continued growth, reflection, and embodiment of the profound teachings from your trips practically into daily life. We will solidify and strengthen your path to build resilience and avoid the common traps of the post-trip “afterglow”. I endeavor to equip you with the means to take control of your own psychological well-being and spiritual expansion until you come to recognize that, ultimately, you are your own healer.

I am a pre-licensed psychotherapist (LCSW pending) from the United States, currently residing in the Sacred Valley of Peru, who takes a psychodynamic approach to sessions with a theoretical framework rooted in transpersonal psychology. I employ evidence-based practices signature of cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, solution focused brief therapy, accelerated experiential dynamic therapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy. I have participated in numerous Ayahuasca ceremonies in Peru and Costa Rica, and I have also worked with Huachuma, Bufo Alvarius, Cannabis, and Psilocybin Mushrooms in ceremonial contexts. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BA) and a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Montclair State University, and a Master of Science in Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice (MSW) from Columbia University.

$200 | 60 Minute Session
$375 | 120 Minute Session

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