Beautiful Black Copper Marans & Lavender Olive egger cockerels - $10 (Liberty)

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I have two show quality young roosters available - one Black Copper Maran, and the other is a rare lavender F2-f3 Olive egger. they were purchased from Feather Lover Farms https://featherloverfarms.com as day olds and were hatched on May 1st. (they only sell straight run). Asking $10 each which is much less then I paid for them...

Here is their description for the BCM:
"New for 2024 is our new imported French Champion bloodline of French Black Copper Marans for dark chocolate eggs and show exhibition! We are beyond excited to be able to offer you our new Black Copper Marans chicks For 2024. Black Copper Marans are known to lay the darkest chocolate brown egg of any chicken breed in the world! Our new imported bloodline was hand selected in 2023 from recent champion French bloodlines to only use the darkest brown egg layer possible in our breeding program. We only hatch chicks from very dark eggs that we ship to you. If you are looking to add a new quality bloodline of French Black Copper Marans to your flock, these are what you need!

Our new Black Copper Marans from the recently imported bloodlines blew us away with how dark of eggs they produce for us. They consistently lay the darkest eggs that we have ever seen. They also seem to have richer vibrant feather colors with more full feathering on their legs and feet. Some offspring can have white feathering in their wings and feet and seem to disappear as they get older. We are also working on breeding away from the white in the feathers while still selecting the darkest egg producing hens in our breeding program. "

and their Olive eggers:

"Exclusively ours at Feather Lover Farms! Our new F2 & F3 Lavender Olive Eggers are a new designer cross breed we have created that have both the popular Lavender colored feathering and dark green/olive eggs! Only hand selected show quality birds were used to create this cross, these are not the typical hatchery stock chickens.

We spent about 3 years creating our new Lavender Olive Eggers and used only show quality lavender colored Marans and show quality lavender colored Ameraucana chickens to make this cross and then bred back to marans 2 to 3 generations to create the dark olive green eggs. The chicks you would receive from us will breed true to the lavender color. The chicks you receive from us will be F2 and F3 generation chicks and their eggs they will produce are a beautiful deep olive color like the egg photo shown above. Breeding lavender blue eggers to lavender dark chocolate eggers and then back to the dark chocolate eggers helped create this new beautiful lavender olive egger breed.

Some of the chicks will be pea combed and some will be single combed and many of the chicks have feathered feet and legs! They also may have ear muffs, beards or puffy cheeks! These are one of the sweetest and most docile chickens on our farm and are incredibly hardy in cold or hot weather. We know you'll fall in love with your new Lavender Olive Egger chickens as well as their dark olive green eggs!"

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