100% handmade Alpaca Dryer Balls - $7 (Bloomville)

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Our fabric-softening handmade dryer balls are handmade 100% from our own alpacas

They are $7 each or 3/$18
Hypoallergenic, No Chemicals, No Dyes
All-natural, hypoallergenic alpaca dryer balls are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to chemicals or fabric softeners and dryer sheets for softening clothes, reducing static and wrinkles.
• Hypoallergenic: Non-shedding specialty dye-free, chemical-free fiber to keep skin happy. Recent studies show dryer sheets are full of chemicals and can be harmful and detrimental to health. Dryer sheets are not needed with dryer balls, so no more chemicals on your skin and clothes.
• Fabric: 100% Alpaca. No Fillers.
• Softens clothes: Reduces static, eliminates wrinkles (they will not shed on your clothing).
• Environmentally friendly - No more chemicals on your skin from dryer sheets. No dyes added… All-natural Alpaca colors. Unlike dryer sheets that continually need to be thrown away after every use, our alpaca dryer balls help you save money and reduce waste. They last years and years. Go green and save at the same time.
• Essential Oils: Use as an added benefit. Enjoy your favorite aromas as well as the luxury of soft, wrinkle-free, dry laundry!
A minimum of 3 balls are suggested and a set of four is recommended to generate maximum effectiveness while absorbing moisture from the wet clothes and maintaining interior dryer humidity. Not only do they absorb moisture in the dryer but the balls heat to evenly distribute the heat leaving no pockets of hot air that damage your clothes.

We're a small farm in the Catskills. We have Suri and Huacaya alpacas, guarded by llamas and donkeys, as well as Scottish Highland Cattle and poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks, guineas).

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